Tuesday, July 5, 2011

SPA interview

today, 5th July 2011, i had my SPA interview. before this, i tried to google on SPA questions for Pegawai Perubatan UD41 but i did not find that many. (or perhaps, my googling style is still noob-ish!)

so, this entry is for y'all! i will put them in briefly. i dont think you need to know the subquestions anyway.

i had two interviewers : an SPA officer (pengerusi) and a medical doctor. my BF who was there along with me said that i was in the room for about 35 minutes. i kinda felt like it was a bit too long too!

so, to start off, simple questions were asked. Thank God, none of them asked on the political / government related things.

since i had interesting personal background, the pengerusi was asking me on that for almost half of the convo :

- my origin, my family
- my education background
- reasons for doing medicine
- my choice of hospitals for HO
- my university
- my financial assistance

then, he passed the baton to the medical doctor. questions asked were

- my clinical postings; which ones were my favs
- emergency cases :

  • Dengue cases - what do you know about dengue, what ivx, how would you monitor the patients based on the Ivx, dengue shock
  • a lil bit on anaphylactic shock - causes
  • breast cancer - i just blurted out all of those that i remembered : risk factors, ivx, tx, chemo, radio, surgery, staging
by the end of the session, the Pengerusi was giving me advices on how to be a good houseman. overall, they were impressed with my CV and performance. He even advised me to go to MARA for loan reduction. 

what i brought for the interview. (PLEASE PHOTOCOPY THEM ALL)

1. Resume / Curriculum Vitae + MUST HAVE PICTURE ON ITS FRONT COVER
2. IC
3. Birth certificate
4. Primary School Cert (UPSR etc)
5. Form 3 exam slip  (PMR etc)
6. O Level (SPM etc)
7. A Level (STPM / Matrics)
8. certification letter by the Uni
9. final exam slip saying that u passed the final exams
10. Uni exam results transcript

10. other academic certs that you have

NOTE : you also have to bring the original documents for the above list. They want to countercheck with your copies. PLEASE order them in your file based on the above sequence. (i.e place your Primary School result first, then followed by form 3, form 5 etc)

Otherwise, the interview went well.

Just be yourself, appear confident, pray hard. People say that this session is done as a formality. Otherwise, you are almost guaranteed to be offered the position.


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